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Hello there!

My name is Christine.

I'm the ladyboss & designer behind Pangga Designs.

Pangga Designs was born out of love for all things personalized and my desire to help people communicate in thoughtful ways through marvelous paper and non-paper creations - from personalized stationery, invitations for life’s big moments to instantly customized home and office decor.

Through my designs, I've dedicated to be part of your life’s most special events - unforgettable first impressions, celebrating milestones, and remembering important moments.

Pangga Designs and ZAZZLE.COM

As an independent designer, I have chosen to partner with Zazzle to provide printing and order fulfillment for my customers. I provide the design and Zazzle does the rest. Zazzle employees process your order, print your order and ship directly to you.They also handle any order changes, cancellations or returns. My partnership with Zazzle provides me with a royalty payment for each order processed. This allows me to focus on what I do best, design!

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